Understanding the etiquette at Terra Casa

What is the vibe at Terra Casa?

Here at Terra Casa we have a relaxed but scheduled atmosphere to maximize meeting your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We focus on social and community events to help each other connect with nature and bring out our best selves.

Can I invite visitors over?

Visitors are allowed, but a day pass must be purchased and visitor must leave by 10pm.

Respect Others Space

This is a community space that we would like to keep nurturing.

Are fireworks allowed?

No, fireworks are not allowed as it is a heavily wooded area.

Quiet Time Means Quiet Time

Please respect others staying at the retreat center.

Is clothing optional?

No, clothing is required as this is a family retreat center.

Don't Leave Food Out

This more for campers, but anyone eating on the patio please make sure food is put away.

Late Arrivals Need to be Considerate

Bed time is at 10pm for us at Terra Casa, Please be respectful of the time.

Respect Our Home

We share our community space with all so plese be considerate of all others staying at the center.


Smoking is not recommended, but is allowed in designated areas. Please make sure your butts are disposed of properly and keep nature clean!

Share Our Etiquette

Please share our etiquette with every guest you are bringing, including the kids.

Share the WIFI

Free wifi is provided in designated areas of Terra Casa. Please limit your use if multiple guests

are using it.

Remember We Are All Connected

Let us all treat each other as we would like to be treated. With love, honesty and a helpful nature.