Retreat & Restore

An active retreat center engaging in community

Set an intention. Come to TCRC if you are….verging on an entrepreneurship and want to solidify the concept while walking in our woods. Come to write at the desk in the tiny cabin that overlooks the property. Come to try out a vegetarian gluten free diet and learn some recipes. Come to release your creativity, work with your hands in art making and woodworking. Or set your own intention for staying and retreating at TCRC.


"We look forward to you retreating and restoring yourselves in nature and community with us <3"

Why Experience TCRC

To learn

To feel

To see an alternative way to live

To immerse yourself in nature

To connect with other like minded individuals

To share 

To heal

To connect

To experience new things

To slow down

To do something different

To open up

To become inward

To get quiet

To get involved in community

To grow

To live simple

To live with the earth

To be in peace


“I love attending Amber’s Yoga classes...she begins with a lesson, something to contemplate, then the movements. Her classes are more than just about moving the’s about setting an intention for your personal and spiritual growth.”

Monica G.K.

LaGrange, NY

"Really great space. Felt personal; not just John & Amber welcoming us but the house itself. I’m a big fan of real wood fireplaces so the indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit were a big draw for me. Hopefully I didn’t deplete your firewood supply too much... Also, the open living room seemed odd at first but it was actually quite great. We actually did some yoga there. Also, I think the stickers on the cabinets/doors were very helpful. Makes
things very clear.”

Sarah R.

Bay Area, CA

“Amber is an extraordinary teacher! Physically I’m more flexible, stronger, have better balance, and increased stamina. Morally and ethically yoga matches my own beliefs which is very comforting to me. Thank you Amber for being the inspiration you are and continuing to teach me new and wonderful things with every yoga class.”

Eric M.

Poughkeepsie, NY